My Magical Proposal [Pt. 2]

RECAP: We had just been approached by a magician, yes, A MAGICIAN!! to assist in a promotional magic video. 

without consulting Warren.. I volunteered the both of us to watch. 

We are then seated in two chairs facing a podium and the magician, Howard Blackwell. I didn’t even care to check if Warren was miserable watching magic while we were supposed to be eating. I was fixated on the magic tricks. I even got to be the magician’s assistant and participate in a few really neat illusions.

11220056_1035661159807359_3650522267104341070_n.jpgScreen Shot 2016-10-31 at 4.23.14 PM.pngThen it was Warren’s turn. The magician asked Warren to repeat after him: “I am the most amazzzzzzzzing magician, Warren. I am about to perform a trick in which I can read your mind!” (cue my giggles watching Warren standing in front of me, pretending to be a magician).  I am then instructed to “think of a card, any card” so I think of a Queen of Hearts. Then I think, noooooo let’s change it so if there’s any sort of algorithm here, I can beat it! (I’m convince that I’ll somehow be able to trick magicians. Ha. Bless my heart.)  I have my new card in my head (Jack of Spades). The magician/Warren asks me to say the card out loud. I do. Warren (repeating) says, “Aha! I knew that you’d pick that card! Ta-daaaaa!” and takes a bow. I snicker politely and play a little “womp womp” sound in my head. Did I really expect someone to  read my mind? There’s no slight of hand here, the magician made a claim to read. my. mind. Just then, he holds up his hand and says he’s not done yet. In a sealed manila envelope, he has my card, and to prove it, he will ask Warren to pull it out. Slowly, I see a spade peak through and sure enough, it’s a Jack! It’s my card, the Jack of Spades- but wait, there’s words. There’s… oh my gosh, on that JACK OF SPADES it says, “WILL YOU MARRY ME” and all in a matter of seconds, Warren is on one knee at my feet with a ring box in hand.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 4.36.43 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 4.36.22 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 4.36.28 PM.png“Amber, you are my best friend, my partner in crime, and the second funniest person I know”  (insert my interruption here to remind him that “no. I am the number one funniest person you know.”

“…and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Amber Christine Molidor… (extra points, because he used my full name) Will you marry me?”

And before I know it, there’s a gorgeous cushion cut diamond on my finger, and people around the park are clapping and congratulating us. The news station wanted to interview us immediately afterward, and I was speechless. (no, really speechless. The news story that aired that night shows me literally saying one word while looking like a deer in headlights.)

And despite all the excitement and happiness I feel… I was still curious how he knew my card. To this day, I am still baffled.

magical proposal savannah

Because I was a dumb-dumb who forgot her charger and had a dead phone during one of the most special times in her life… we problem-solved and sat in Warren’s truck, in a dark parking garage with my phone plugged into the car charger. We called all our friends and family. For 3 hours straight. I’d do the same gig- call my friends on FaceTime, ask if they can see me, and then ask if they could see… my ring!

2015-10-27 17.16.52.jpgscreen-shot-2016-11-06-at-9-53-04-pmBeing enormous practical jokers and pranksters, the immediate reaction from we got was, “is it real this time?” We also got a lot of happy tears and smiles. What was so special to me was the fact that Warren asked every one of my family members for permission to marry me. He asked my dad and older brother 5 months prior in person. He asked my mom and younger brother via phone call and was met with an overwhelming amount of happy tears (and of course permission from all 4 family members). We wrapped up our phone calls and never went to brunch, haha. We spent the day playing with our dog, Rogue, in the parks and decided to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner at the infamous Olde Pink House. Known for being haunted, I was super intrigued, but we were also informed that the food was delicious. We sat outside, again, because we had Rogue. We both ordered a BLT salad (buttermilk thyme dressing, fried green tomato and candied bacon) It’s as mouth-watering as it sounds. The server even brought Rogue her own plated of crispy bacon. It was amazing. We walked to Lulu’s Chocolate Bar down the road and got the most ginormous slices of cake you’ve ever seen. I, of course, took a photo of my left hand next to every food and drink item we ordered that night.

2015-10-27 20.01.15.jpg2015-10-27 21.28.46.jpg2015-10-29 10.42.28.jpgThat night, we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and I woke up the next morning engaged.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 4.44.11 PM.png
this Facebook post was literally captioned “woke up engaged”

So, I could say Warren proposed with a deck of cards. But it’s so much more than that! Our proposal, and so many others, are more meaningful when explained fully. The thought and detail that was put into his and other proposals are often unacknowledged. Engagements aren’t about getting the Pinterest ring you always dreamed of, or obnoxiously overusing the word fiancé. The next time someone wonders how he asked, tell them you’ll try to make it short (but don’t). Relive in the moment again and remember just how amazing it felt to be engaged.

Here’s to all the magical proposals out there and the fiancés that go all out.

Happy Planning!





My Magical Proposal [Pt.1]

He asked, you said yes! Now that your friends have seen your engagement ring up close, the inevitable question arises: “How did he propose?!” It’s something almost every bride-to-be is asked, and a quick sentence doesn’t always do the proposal justice. Maybe you were surprised with the ring hidden in a cupcake or balloons spelling out “marry me” in the park. But what led up to that moment? Did you have any idea what was happening? Was he nervous? Did you cry? Did he cry? I know I never want to forget the day Warren proposed to me. I want to remember every word he said when he asked. I want to remember exactly how the air smelled that day and just how long my cheeks hurt from smiling.

A proposal that peaked with this playing card, October 27, 2015 was a truly magical day.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 3.46.11 PM.png

We were in Savannah, GA on a much-deserved vacation from work. Law enforcement had Warren working overtime 6-7 days a week and I had weddings every weekend leading up to our trip. When Warren was stationed for federal training in Brunswick, I’d drive up every other month and visit him for a weekend in Savannah. It quickly became special to us. It could have been the original brick roads, or the historic pass every visit. Not anything impressive, it was literally a corner building with two dusty windows facing the sidewalk. Upon pressing your hands and eyes against the glass, you could make out a poorly pastel painted “alter” on the back wall. Somewhat laughable, the grey berber carpet and 3 mismatched chairs inside were all that adorned this room. The window itself had “Savannah Wedding Chapel” in a cheesy yellow font. We took a picture by it each time we passed, and sent it to a family member with some caption about how we decided to elope. (That never went over too well. We eventually became the couple that cried wolf engagement.)

the 3rd of many “fake wedding” pictures here

Savannah provided an escape from the busy lives we led in Miami. We rented a condo from VRBO and were able to bring our puppy with us. We planned to visit all the local foodie spots and couldn’t wait to get away from work. By complete chance, I forgot my phone charger at home, and Warren having an Android, convinced me that it was a sign; I didn’t need to answer any work calls or emails while away. I reluctantly agreed not to buy another one since I had a car charger that I could use for the rest of our drive.

We visited Zunzi’s, a local sandwich nook with a Yelp-renowned “special sauce”. We were walking distance from everything so Zunzi’s welcomed our dog inside and gave her some turkey while we waited for our sandwiches. Everywhere we went, people were kind and the places were all pet-friendly too. It was a nice change from what we were used to. IMG_6992.jpgWe spent the first night night watching Halloween movies and drinking hot chocolate. It was perfect “legging weather” which was nice, because I optimistically packed for just that. The next morning, we were going to walk to brunch and then straight to a nearby historic house tour that Warren had been dying to do since we had started planning the trip. It was a gloomy morning and Warren took Rogue out to the bathroom to a square across the street. Our balcony overlooked the park and I painted my nails to waste some time before brunch. When they got back to the condo, Warren said our moms were begging for a picture of the two of us. I reluctantly agreed, since this was a frequent request of them both, despite how the rain had made my hair less than pretty. We agreed to leave Rogue at the condo instead of walking her back after brunch. Warren grabbed his rain coat and I jokingly asked if he had a ring in there. (It was something I routinely joked about after 4 years of being together…) I just had no idea today was the day he actually did!

the balcony selfie he sent our moms the accomplice

The entire walk to brunch, Warren kept offering me his rain coat, but I’m one of those people that concludes I’m not going to melt from a little water. So a little damp, we make our way through Chippewa Square, where Forrest Gump had the famous bus stop scene. People are walking by with umbrellas and I notice a group of people from a local Savannah news station that look particularly disgruntled by the rain. I turn to Warren and tell him I feel sorry that they have to shoot in this weather. Just then, a man approaches us and asks (desperately) if we will help him. He’s a local magician* looking to film his promotional video, but the rain has produced a less than enthusiastic audience turnout.

*So if this were a movie, I’d shout, “Pause!” and break the fourth wall right now to tell you how much I LOVE magic. Seriously. I’m a sucker for card tricks and disappearing acts and rabbits in hats and people getting sawed in half. I’ll stop to watch the lamest street performance just to see the final reveal. I love magic. Did I already say that?


So without consulting Warren, and turning my back on brunch, I volunteer the both of us to watch.



A Planner’s Prayer

What could go wrong at a wedding? After many a wedding’s eve of sleepless nights wondering this same question, and experiencing the results… I decided it wasn’t enough to just be wished “good luck” at an event.  I’ve seen more than one industry professional break down in tears and I can spot a fake smile from a mile away. With a plethora of strange happenings that can occur at a single event, I’ve compiled a “prayer” to cover almost everything that could go wrong. As planners, it’s our responsibility to prevent rain, and it’s our fault when the food is cold or a guest shows up with an uninvited plus 1 (read: we get blamed for things unlisted in our services let alone out of human control). So here’s to the coordinators, the designers, and the hardworking industry professionals who work so hard to prevent all the things that are bound to be “our fault” sooner or later. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 6.13.29 PM.pngA Planner’s Prayer

May thou not have cockroaches or drunken grooms 

Or hotel keys that don’t open rooms

May the day never sway far from the timeline you made

and may your outdoor wedding have plenty of shade

I pray for your patience and sanity

and at the end of the night may you still look pretty.

I pray that the vendors deliver what they promised

and your wedding is awesome and simply the bomb-est

May the un-recommended band not play an explicit song

May your “wedding hangover” not last too long

I hope the weather stays in your favor

I pray the wedding cake is the right flavor

I hope that your feet last all 14 hours

and that no one is allergic to the wedding flowers

May there never be more guests than expected to show

and may everyone speak a language you know

I pray the officiant says the right names

and that your flammable centerpieces don’t catch flames

May the toasts be short with no inappropriate jokes

That the boneless chicken be boneless so nobody chokes

May the venue “planner” not step on your toes

and if she does, God help her, ‘cause what you say goes!

May you know how to sew buttons and tie a bow tie

and bustle a bustle and out-stain red wine

May there only be tears of the happy kind

May the mother of the bride not lose her mind

May the limo always show up at the right place

and may the bride never trip and fall on her face

May the rings always be with the groom or best man

and the bride not show up with an awful spray tan

May the “photographer” not be an Uncle Bob

‘Cause your clients hired a professional to do that job

May your vendor meals not be served in a brown bag

and the bridesmaids dresses not make you want to gag

I pray that thy wedding does not get extended

and that the limo driver’s license isn’t suspended

May all your florals be delivered alive

and that your band doesn’t attempt an impromptu stage dive

May kids not show up if they weren’t invited

I pray that no ex-boyfriends or girlfriends are sighted

I pray that the guests don’t storm the buffet

and that someone deserving catches the bouquet

I pray the bride’s veil won’t get caught when she walks

That there’s no food in her teeth during vows when she talks

I pray that your tables have linens that fit

and that you have a fully stocked emergency kit

I pray that the photo booth prints out all the photos

and that none of your vendors turn out to be no-shows

I pray that you have enough pins for the boutonierres

That your couple stays married for plenty of years

I pray that the wedding party not be too large

(Anything over 20 might mean an upcharge)

May all makeup be cry-resistant

and that you have hired a competent assistant

May all thy vendors show up professionally-dressed

and sober and nice and acting their best

May you limit the times you think, “I told you so”

This wedding will all be over tomorrow

May you have superglue for broken shoe heels

May the bride stay away from chemical peels

May you laugh and pretend you’ve never heard someone say

“Are you like J-Lo?” ten times that day

Be prepared to hear at least one person tell you

They want to be a planner ‘cause they planned their wedding too

I pray thou is prepared for what is to come

At the end of the day, our jobs are still fun

After they’ve married and said their I Dos

Remember, other planners are praying this prayer for you

And though we are masochists for what we go through

We adore being planners and love what we do


[Insert below stanzas if you work in South Florida/Miami]

I hope that at midnight your hora’s not too loca

and that you don’t get stuck in Miami when the wedding’s in Boca

May the champagne not be poured too early

and the Florida humidity not make your hair curly

I pray that hurricanes don’t come your way

and that over-friendly alligators don’t ruin your day

That you never tire of beach weddings or sand

That your wedding attire doesn’t leave you weirdly tanned

May you keep your cool at a celebrity sighting

and that Zika mosquitos don’t come a-biting


Honestly, I’ve experienced or seen 90% of these terrible things happen. Cockroaches. Limos picking up the wrong bride. Uninvited guests. The list goes on. While laughable now, in the moment… not so much. So, pleeeeeeease, remember to pray for your fellow planners before their big day. WE NEED IT!

Bonus: because I’ve half-seriously joked about making a BINGO sheet for all the inevitable things that we see at weddings, I decided to make a WeddingBingo sheet for your amusement! Behold, the Oh My! Occasions WINGO 1st Edition


Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 6.26.27 PM.png

Happy Planning!



Wedding Gift 101

The Best Wedding Gifts To Register For

The Gifts You Secretly Wish You Could Register For 

Bed Bath and Beyond. Macy’s. Amazon. You’ve signed up on all the listed sites but you can’t think of what items to register for. Of course, each store has their suggested list of wedding related gifts:

Kate Spade china.   No thanks. The closest thing you’ve hosted to a gourmet dinner party was a BBQ on the extra strength disposable plates.

Personalized bath towels.   Nah. You like the feel of the cheap gym towels you steal borrow much better than the fluffy designer ones.

Stemless wine glasses with your etched monogram.  You prefer the non-breakable kind of glassware, and frankly, you find monograms confusing. (Who reads left to right to center anyway?)

Cuisinart Food Processor.   Umm… isn’t that just a fancy blender?

Thanks anyway, Registry Concierge, but I don’t need any of your suggested items. Instead, here is a wish list that any to-be-married couple secretly wishes it was acceptable to register for. Behold… The Gifts You Secretly Wish You Could Register For :

  • Halloween decorations like those giant inflatable grim reapers and 5-speed strobe light
  • prepaid monthly prescriptions
  • dog toys dog 
  • workout equipment
  • a gift card to Target …yeah, yeah, I knowwwwww you can register for specific items, but this way no one can judge your purchases. Like, when you go there for a picture frame and leave with half the store
  • gym membership that you’ll probably never use
  • a month’s supply of milk and eggs #adulting
  • any and every thing on QVC infomercials because who hasn’t wondered if the squatty potty really works
  • your dream wedding gown
  • tickets to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter  Always.
  • 6-month supply of massages
  • psychic reading aren’t we are all a little curious what our palms would read or which dead relative will make contact?
  • a personal assistant
  • maid services
  • personal stylist
  • chef
  • okay, a tri-pack of the above 3
  • a month’s worth of rent
  • plastic surgery treatment of choice
  • Lasik
  • health insurance this thank you note would be full of legitimate gratitude
  • giant cuddle couch
  • pressure washer someone to pressure wash your driveway and patio for you

Now, if you are a wedding guest looking for the most unique wedding gift to give, look no further.

The Best Wedding Gifts To Give :

  • $$$$$

Honestly, though. I’m all for the non-traditional gift giving. When in doubt, give money to be spent however the couple deems necessary. Is it acceptable to give money as a wedding gift? Sure! Often times, it’s a little embarrassing for a couple to ask for money, even though that’s what they really need. But that doesn’t mean its appearance can’t be unique or classy! The best presentation of money I’ve seen was as a mini scrapbook. Each 5×5 inch page featured a gift card and was decorated in themed stickers and pertinent colors. 

Think movie theater gift card featuring red & white striped paper with popcorn stickers and movie stubs or a coffee shop card with coffee bean stickers strewn about the page.


Don’t be afraid to put what you really want on your registry. Don’t be surprised either, when your friends and family make comments and ask why you haven’t registered for pots and pans or monogrammed towels. It’s your wedding. Do what you want and what you feel suits YOU!


Happy Planning!