Wedding Gift 101

The Best Wedding Gifts To Register For

The Gifts You Secretly Wish You Could Register For 

Bed Bath and Beyond. Macy’s. Amazon. You’ve signed up on all the listed sites but you can’t think of what items to register for. Of course, each store has their suggested list of wedding related gifts:

Kate Spade china.   No thanks. The closest thing you’ve hosted to a gourmet dinner party was a BBQ on the extra strength disposable plates.

Personalized bath towels.   Nah. You like the feel of the cheap gym towels you steal borrow much better than the fluffy designer ones.

Stemless wine glasses with your etched monogram.  You prefer the non-breakable kind of glassware, and frankly, you find monograms confusing. (Who reads left to right to center anyway?)

Cuisinart Food Processor.   Umm… isn’t that just a fancy blender?

Thanks anyway, Registry Concierge, but I don’t need any of your suggested items. Instead, here is a wish list that any to-be-married couple secretly wishes it was acceptable to register for. Behold… The Gifts You Secretly Wish You Could Register For :

  • Halloween decorations like those giant inflatable grim reapers and 5-speed strobe light
  • prepaid monthly prescriptions
  • dog toys dog 
  • workout equipment
  • a gift card to Target …yeah, yeah, I knowwwwww you can register for specific items, but this way no one can judge your purchases. Like, when you go there for a picture frame and leave with half the store
  • gym membership that you’ll probably never use
  • a month’s supply of milk and eggs #adulting
  • any and every thing on QVC infomercials because who hasn’t wondered if the squatty potty really works
  • your dream wedding gown
  • tickets to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter  Always.
  • 6-month supply of massages
  • psychic reading aren’t we are all a little curious what our palms would read or which dead relative will make contact?
  • a personal assistant
  • maid services
  • personal stylist
  • chef
  • okay, a tri-pack of the above 3
  • a month’s worth of rent
  • plastic surgery treatment of choice
  • Lasik
  • health insurance this thank you note would be full of legitimate gratitude
  • giant cuddle couch
  • pressure washer someone to pressure wash your driveway and patio for you

Now, if you are a wedding guest looking for the most unique wedding gift to give, look no further.

The Best Wedding Gifts To Give :

  • $$$$$

Honestly, though. I’m all for the non-traditional gift giving. When in doubt, give money to be spent however the couple deems necessary. Is it acceptable to give money as a wedding gift? Sure! Often times, it’s a little embarrassing for a couple to ask for money, even though that’s what they really need. But that doesn’t mean its appearance can’t be unique or classy! The best presentation of money I’ve seen was as a mini scrapbook. Each 5×5 inch page featured a gift card and was decorated in themed stickers and pertinent colors. 

Think movie theater gift card featuring red & white striped paper with popcorn stickers and movie stubs or a coffee shop card with coffee bean stickers strewn about the page.


Don’t be afraid to put what you really want on your registry. Don’t be surprised either, when your friends and family make comments and ask why you haven’t registered for pots and pans or monogrammed towels. It’s your wedding. Do what you want and what you feel suits YOU!


Happy Planning!



3 thoughts on “Wedding Gift 101”

  1. You are hilarious! However, you got it right. How many couples would rather get the money to buy what they really want. You tickled my funny bone while saying it like it is. Love your writing. Good job! Can’t wait to read your next post.


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