Travel Themed Bridal Shower

The reality of a destination wedding is that some of your guests may not be able to attend. With an overseas wedding in Barcelona, we thought, what better way to celebrate than with a travel themed bridal shower!

Our beautiful bride, Lisa, gave me free reign to design her travel themed shower. The only parameters were to avoid exaggerating the theme and crossing the line to children’s party. We still wanted to exude elegance and femininity without using the classic red and blue airline stripes and boarding passes.

Naturally, we called this “Traveling from Miss to Mrs.”IMG_9675.jpgThe shower fell in April, as we were just beginning Springtime in Florida. Embracing spring pastels, we chose blushes, golds, ivories, and lavenders for our color palette. Lisa’s favorite color was purple, so we made sure to incorporate lots of the color! The venue of choice was a upper scale Italian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, with modern grays and whites, so it was important to balance the masculine lines with the softer tones and decor. We adorned a long royal table with a beautiful violet linen and used the existing chairs, which were a sleek white and unique tapering rectangular shape. It added a really unique element to all the “girly” we would be using.260A5600.jpgThe center of the table featured white suitcases with custom vinyl phrases like “See you in Spain!” “Barcelona or Bust!” 260A5525.jpgRodriStudios provided the most gorgeous florals featuring large roses, ranunculus, astilbe,  and dusty miller. 260A5592.jpgHe even saved a stem specifically for Lisa to wear behind her ear! Seriously, how cute does she look?260A5709.jpgWe opened one suitcase and had flowers overflowing inside, while the other 2 suitcases served as bases for varying heights and depths.260A5500260A5593Airplane shaped map cutouts were sprinkled across the table, while ribbon-wrapped cylinder vases and floating candles provided a little bit of romance. Each lady sat with a custom place setting in front of them. Gold luggage tags with each guest’s name hand lettered dually served as both practical favor and place card.260A5523260A5524260A5521Pastel blush napkins wrapped the edges of our gold charger plates. Welcoming the soft colors and muted theme, pastel maps were used throughout the decor, while subtle hints of “travel” wording were present. The delicious dulce de leche naked cake by Two Fat Cookies was decorated with cascading florals by RodriStudio and a custom “Fly Away With Me” cake topper from Etsy. 260A5514.jpgPink leather passport cover favors from J.Crew were the quintessential girly touch to traveling!260A5613.jpg260A5554260A5598We provided custom champagne-flavored, airplane-shaped lollipops which were the perfect purple touch to the sign in table.260A5545.jpgInstead of a traditional guest book, we created a canvas print in which each girl would leave their lipstick marks and signature. The ladies had a blast making their mark and were surprised at how many of them had the same shade of makeup (totally unplanned!)IMG_9716.jpg260A5800.jpg260A5769.jpgWe really wanted to add a few fun bridal shower games for the ladies to play. The first game was Where in the World? We built a custom frame to hold pictures of Lisa and Jason in iconic locations from all over the world! The ladies had to analyze the scenery and match up the numbered photos with a location on their game sheets.260A5579.jpg260A5845.jpg260A5841After another delicious brunch item from Angelo Elia, 260A5808.jpgwe moved onto the next game of Who Knows Lisa Best?, a collection of questions that tested the ladies’ knowledge of the bride to be. Questions ranged from “What is Lisa’s favorite part of the body to workout?” to “What is Lisa’s favorite ice cream flavor?”260A5565.jpgAt the beginning of the brunch, we passed out cards to all the ladies asking them to recall their favorite memory with Lisa. They were not allowed to write there name, because Lisa would later play Who Am I? guessing which memory was with which friend. We definitely had to cover Mom’s ears for a couple memories haha!260A5557.jpgOur last game, and the one I was looking forward to most, was Who Has The Groom? I had the scratch-off cards custom made and passed the cards at random to the ladies at the table. 260A5560.jpgRemoving the penny from the back of their card, each lady was instructed to scratch at their card until a face was revealed on the tuxedo body. 260A5870.jpgCheck out this video to see a sample reveal! Only one card actually had Jason’s face, while the others were strewn with everything from Darth Vader to Steve Harvey!IMG_9726.jpgIMG_9730.jpgIMG_9734.jpg260A5880260A5886The winner of each game received an airplane bottle opener, keeping with our travel theme. We had so much fun embodying the travel theme and spring colors for this bridal shower. There were so many ways to incorporate airplanes and maps without overdoing it. At Oh My Occasions, we love any excuse for a party and even more so, one with a theme!

Happy Planning!sig1.png